lesa wa wa ma

My friend who helps lead worship with me at Rock Creek Fellowship, works in healthcare throughout the week. She has so many layers, and is incredibly talented. I love this recent blog so much!

Full of Grace

The moment she began to speak, I knew her accent—felt it deep within, as one does with the sound-memories of a childhood home.

It was with the rushed and harried aura of a mother in distress that she spilled out the words I quickly typed from the corner stool. In the background the infant wailed, unconsolable and in obvious pain. It didn’t take long for the Nurse Practitioner to realize that more needed to be done than we were equipped for, so after a brief 15-minute visit, she stepped out to consult the the doctor, and then returned to tell the mom that she needed to go, now, to the emergency room. She stared back, stunned—alarmed at the rapid turn of events. Coming in today had been, she thought, the solution; but things were worse, so much worse, than she had imagined. Starting to gather her things she stopped, “May…

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