Creativity and MidLife Crisis

I had a Zoom meeting with a friend in Texas. She’s a kindergarten teacher (and a mother) and, like so many of us, COVID madness has her feeling particularly overwhelmed.

She used to write songs. They just flowed right out of her. This was before kids, back when she had time to spend on such pursuits. Back when she had the mental and emotional energy to delve into things of depth. Back when creating didn’t feel like an illicit luxury.

She said, “Do you think I could get back to writing now? I feel like it’s all dried up.”

She asked it like a kid at an ice cream counter who didn’t have any money to buy a scoop.

I told her yes. And I am telling you yes. In whatever walk of life— For whatever you want to pursue— Yes.

You are made to reflect the glory of the creator of the universe. It does not dry up. There is no end to it. Your creativity is as vast and as eternal as your soul.

OK, even if you don’t come from a Biblical ethic, the answer is still YES!

The only thing that dries up creativity is disuse. I am convinced of this. I’m not saying it’s always fun or that you always feel inspired. I’m not saying that what you come up with every time is any good. I am saying that the well of creativity is deep within you and it is bigger than you, connecting you to truth and spirit and universe.

So how do you access it? Like anything else that is free. Open your hands. And then ‘whatever your hands find to do, you must do with all your heart.’


The things we need most are the things we treat like luxuries. Exercise. Prayer. Bird watching (or…whatever).

Stick it on your calendar and then don’t be afraid to just sit there and look around. Even if that’s all you do. The process of being creative is first making space. Space is as important to creativity as silence is to music. Without it, there is no dynamic power.

And I know it hard. It’s hella hard. Seems like everything in your life is set up against it.

This is what I tell the Littles I work with. I forget that you need to hear it too. You are the only you ever created. There is no one else in all of history with your story, your perspective, your ideas—no matter what the cynics say. You are so important that God made room for you in his world, and has explicitly called you to ‘do good things he has prepared for you to do.’

Get to work!

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