The Push to Release, June 2021

It’s peculiar, in my experience, for a pastor to pray for us to have an audience. We didn’t ask him to. He just left it on a voicemail, a prayer for our family (each of us by name), for our creativity, for our practical needs. And, yeah, for an audience, which is one of them.

Our pastor is a pray-er. The kind that gets up even when he’s feeling angry or depressed, and if so, that’s the way he goes to God. And God does this really cool thing with that kind of faithful intimacy. He speaks through that man, into the real time issues of this community. We have stories. I have stories. So it’s not surprising that this particular prayer was so timely.

This week Jeff and I initiated a push toward a combined album and book release, set for June. We are super excited about the songs, and the novel will be my debut! But we have no idea how it will play out. None of the ‘rules’ apply anymore. Will we even be able to tour? We’re working on a very content driven, grass roots approach, and we invite you to be a player.

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“I’d love that!” you say. “How can I help?”

Oh, thank you! You’re doing it. Engage with the content. Comment. Share. And most of all, tell us what you’re working on. Your engagement drives our creativity. We hope we inspire yours too. It’s hard not to get to play for you LIVE! That’s where we develop a lot of our material! It’s hard not to hear those sweet stories about what our art made you think, and we miss the things that you’re doing!

We have several platforms. Please follow/subscribe to the ones that make you happy. I hope that our YouTube channel is one of them. We’re going to dish about the creative process there, and also post some songs and readings to see what you think. If any of you want to be a guest on our platforms, we welcome that!

Thank you, Friends! Let’s keep thinking, praying, dancing, creating! Love you! Mean it. Miss you too. -J

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  1. I am praying with you as we wait upon the Lord. Love you both, actually the Neal 4

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