Songwriter, Jennifer Daniels, was named Writer of the Year by Serious Writer at an awards ceremony in Nashville, TN on Thursday, August 20, not for her songs, but for a Young Adult Speculative Fiction novel (not yet published), which was chosen from hundreds of entries, for the strength of its characters, the style of its voice, and the intrigue generated from the very first sentence: “I haven’t been allowed to contact my uncle since I was five, and Daddy found him catching my blood in a jar.”

Jenn’s first novel, a stand alone New Adult romantic/suspense, is being illustrated by Polish artist Martyna Nejman, and due for release in 2021. More information will be available as soon as Jenn is allowed to spill it!

2 Replies to “EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

  1. I am ready to read the published work. So creative and amazing!

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