Top 10 That’s-What-She-Saids Made by Golf Announcers Today.

I married a man from Augusta, GA, so the first full week of April is sacred in our home. In the weeks leading up to the Masters golf tournament, there’s a whole lot of golf on TV. It’s no wonder one of the characters in my book has a That’s-what-she-said addiction.

Here are the top 10 That’s-What-She-Saids that golf announcers ACTUALLY made today. If it were a drinking game, we’d all be wasted.

10) It must be embarrassing for him to be that many inches short.

9) Tip this in. You never know.

8) He can’t figure out how hard to go down, and what kind of angle.

7) You would not expect it to hold up, but crazier things can happen.

6) He left the stick in the hole, and it jiggled around a bit.

5) We’ve seen ’em short. We’ve seen ’em long. They keep pumping’ ’em down there.

4) You can’t get it farther from the hole and make it in like that. What a great feeling.

3) He is terrific with that little wood.

2) This ball will get out of there too early, straighten up a hair, and then end up right where it’s supposed to.

And TIED for number 1) It looks like it’s sitting in the honey hole, but it’s hard to stiff it there. AND The head looks like a Volkswagen Beetle coming out of that shaft.

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