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My favorite book since I was ten.

CLUES: The book is so much a part of me that I subconsciously used its images to govern my own first novel. I gifted my main character with a skeleton key that fits a hidden lock. Further, to our real-life son, we gave the name Colin. Do you know which book it is?

Playing for kids is not unlike playing for drunk people

Kids think you’re super pretty even when you look really bad. They like your shoes. They like your hair. They like the way your eyes smile. It’s a real boost. Kids are also gross. They lick the stage while waiting for photo ops. They sometimes lick you. They need tissues. I know it’s immature to find this funny, but I do. Enjoying people at their grossest has a gritty charm to it. I hope someone’s around to find me charming when I get old and start inappropriate licking.